The Item, Location, Quest, or MOB referred to by this page, A Calling in the Forest,
is obsolete and is no longer required, but remains in the game
This quest is no longer required for access to Nektropos Castle.

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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Nektulos Forest  (AA)
Journal Level 28 (Tier 3)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Nektulos Forest more
How to Start Inspect the skeleton on J'Rais Bridge at ( -257, 5, 221 ) /waypoint -256.8, 4.91, 220.69.
part of: Nektulos Forest Timeline
Preceded by:
Followed by:
The Fleshbound Tome Speaks Again
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What does this information mean?

This lore quest introduces you to the deepest parts of Nektulos Forest and Nektropos Castle. It was formerly the Access Quest for Nektropos Castle but it is no longer required for castle entry.


  1. Speak to Theeral the nomad. She is near the Commonlands Station at the East end of J'Rais Bridge ( -305, 0, 176 ) /waypoint -305, 0, 176 She will give you the Flesh Bound Tome.
  2. Examine the tome in your inventory to read it. Although it is an inventory item, it does nothing in the game other than give you some lore. It does not even convert into a house item at the end of the quest. You may delete it at any time.
  3. Visit Soul Eater Falls (alternately known as Timber Falls). The quest update is a specific spot located at ( 503, 26, -1512 ) /waypoint 503, 26, -1512.
  4. Visit the top of N'Mar's Ascent ( -397, 60, -1298 ) /waypoint -397, 60, -1298
  5. Visit Bone Lake. The quest update is on the shore on the North side of the lake, at ( -866, 141, -2148 ) /waypoint -866, 141, -2148.
  6. Speak again with Theeral the nomad near the Commonlands Station ( -305, 0, 176 ) /waypoint -305, 0, 176.
  7. Kill a dragoon lieutenant. Commonly found wandering the ramparts of the Citadel of Gul'thex, and less frequently around the north half of Valley of the Dead, north of N'Mar's Ascent.
  8. Examine the ward monuments surrounding Nektropos Castle.
    • The fist ward is at ( -1483, 112, -1988 ) /waypoint -1483, 112, -1988
    • The second ward is at ( -1586, 112, -1885 ) /waypoint -1586, 112, -1885
    • The third ward is at ( -1386, 112, -1689 ) /waypoint -1386, 112, -1689
  9. Examine the shrine at ( -1571, 112, -1991 ) /waypoint -1571, 112, -1991
  10. Speak to the Herald of Nektropos at the front gate of the castle.


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