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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Obelisk of Lost Souls  (AA)
Journal Level 46 (Tier 5)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone The Obelisk of Lost Souls more
How to Start Examine a book entitled "Remembrances - Nyalla-Phon"
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What does this information mean?

Shadowed creatures includes the following:

NOTE: There are many similar book quests in the Obelisk of Lost Souls zone. Each one grants additional AA experience. Each one has 10 entries. So you know how far you are along in the quest. Often the last 3 entries request the same mob over and over, so don't clear a room of them before you read the book. This particular book is "harder" than the others because it requires mobs only found on the deepest level, and it rewards more experience than some of the others.


  1. Read Entry One from the book.
  2. Slay 10 shadowed creatures in The Obelisk of Lost Souls.
  3. Read Entry Two from the book.
  4. Slay 10 shadowed creatures.
  5. Read Entry Three from the book.
  6. Slay 10 shadowed creatures.
  7. Read Entry Four from the book.
  8. Slay 10 soulless zombies. Soulless assistants or resurrectors will work.
  9. Read Entry Five from the book.
  10. Slay 10 soulless zombies.
  11. Read Entry Six from the book.
  12. Slay 10 soulless zombies.
  13. Read Entry Seven from the book.
  14. Slay 10 disciples of shadows.
  15. Read Entry Eight from the book.
  16. Slay 10 disciples of shadow.
  17. Read Entry Nine from the book.
  18. Slay 10 disciples of shadow.
  19. Read Entry Ten from the book to finish the quest.